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September 30th 2019




Please presentations from our recently concluded Biennial Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Victor_INDEN 2019

Panel Presentation INDEN 2019

Nkimbeng_INDEN 2019

McIlfatrick_ INDEN 2019

McCauley _ INDEN 2019

Joanne _ INDEN 2019

Clochesy _ INDEN 2019


We invite you to join us in accomplishing the mission of the International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing (INDEN). We firmly believe that countries committed to advancing nursing doctoral education will advance the nursing profession and the health of their citizens. We have a number of resources on this site that will be helpful to faculty involved in doctoral education in nursing and doctoral students. We look forward to your contributions as an engaged and productive member of INDEN.


2018-2020 Board Of Directors

Dr. Esther Beck, Ulster University
Dr. Emma Blakey, Oxford Brookes University
Dr. Reiko Asano, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Colleen Corte, University of Illinois Chicago
Dr. Bernadette Curry, Molloy College
Dr. Matthew Howard, Sigma & Northern Kentucky University
Dr. Marilyn Hravnak, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Kate Kemplin, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga & Rush University
Dr. Linda Lewandowski, University of Toledo (President-Elect)
Dr. Sonja McIlfatrick, Ulster University (President)
Dr. Manka Nkimbeng, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Marie Nolan, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Tamar Rodney, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Kumar Venkatasalu, University of Nottingham

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